How You Grow With Us From Distributor to Manufacturer

Step-1. Application and Selection Process

Interested individuals or businesses apply to become distributors through YummyBang’s website. YummyBang’s selection team carefully reviews each application to ensure that potential partners meet the necessary criteria. Link to Apply – http://yummybang.com/become-our-distributor/

Step2. Criteria for Selection

To qualify, applicants need to demonstrate a capital investment of 35 Lakhs, which includes a 10 Lakhs security deposit. You should also have access to an office space and Godown of at least 100 Sqmtr. (* If you are startup we guide you how to get business loan or government subsidy)

Step3. Market Setup Assistance:

YummyBang provides support to new distributors in setting up their market by facilitating the acquisition of the first 1000 Retail customers within a specific radius.

If applicants already have an existing market with 1000 retail shops, their initial capital requirement is reduced.

Step4. Streamlined Consignment and Billing:

YummyBang ensures a smooth process for weekly consignment and billing, guaranteeing the timely delivery of high-quality products to distributors. Distributors shall ensure timely Delivery & payment collection from Retailers.

Step5. Market Expansion Support:

As distributors grow, YummyBang assists them in expanding their market reach from 1000 to 10000 retail shops per week.

Step6. Investment in Growth:

Once a distributor successfully establishes a market of 10000 retail shops, YummyBang invests in purchasing prime location land covering 10000 Sqmtr.

Step7. Regulatory Compliance and Infrastructure:

YummyBang handles all necessary regulatory permissions and licenses from the Government of India.

Additionally, YummyBang invests in constructing factory building and Purchase High standard machinery to maintain high-quality standards.

Step8. Transition to Manufacturing:

YummyBang guides and supports distributors in transitioning from distributors to manufacturers.

The profit-sharing model ensures that both parties benefit, with distributors owning 70% of profits and YummyBang 30%.

Step9. Comprehensive Support Throughout:

YummyBang remains actively involved in the distributor’s journey to fully functional manufacturer, offering support in areas such as employee recruitment, market establishment, merchandising, and brand building. So Your Manufacturing Unit shall Cover supply maximum the Complete state of India, we shall come soon with International program also.

Step-10. Long-Term Vision and Partnership:

YummyBang’s overarching vision is ambitious: to establish 40 factories across India within 10 years. This demonstrates a commitment to long-term partnership and growth.

In essence, YummyBang’s Distributor Partner Program offers a structured pathway for aspiring distributors to evolve into manufacturers, supported by comprehensive assistance, guidance, and a shared vision of success.
So Join Us – If any doubts feel free to wattsapp us in -9933287565 / or email us in admin@yummybang.com